How to Feng Shui Your Vision Board and How Can it Help You For 2024?

I’m thrilled to share something amazing with you – combining Feng Shui with a vision board. It’s a game-changer! Top CEOs and creative minds are using it, and I’ve been trying it out too. It’s more than an ancient art; it’s a way to bring focus and harmony to your goals. In this article, I’ll share all the insights and essential information I’ve gathered on this topic to help you get started with creating your own Feng Shui Vision Board.

Introduction to Feng Shui and Vision Boards

What is Feng Shui?

Imagine walking into a room and feeling an immediate sense of harmony and potential. This is the essence of Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement, where the arrangement of your surroundings can affect your personal energy flow, or chi. In scientific terms, Feng Shui can be related to the field of human-centric design, which posits that our surroundings profoundly influence our health, mood, and overall well-being. By structuring our environment in a way that aligns with natural patterns, Feng Shui aims to optimize the flow of energy, potentially reducing anxiety and enhancing the quality of life.

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a concrete representation of your ambitions—a curated selection of images, phrases, and symbols that articulate your aspirations. It serves as a daily catalyst for motivation. Much like Feng Shui, a vision board is deeply rooted in the psychological concept of priming. This is where exposure to a stimulus influences our actions and thoughts later on, without our conscious awareness.
When you look at images or texts that depict your goals you subconsciously steer your decisions and actions towards making those images a reality. This process is anchored in the theory of self-regulation, suggesting that regular interaction with these visual cues can enhance goal-directed behavior. The process helps you to align your daily endeavors with your overarching objectives.

Why Combining Vision Board and Feng Shui Enhances Your Life Goals?

Melding the wisdom of Feng Shui with the clarity of a vision board is more than an exercise in creativity—it’s a strategic alignment of one’s personal habitat with their life’s direction. This fusion not only promotes a well-rounded approach to goal setting but also helps you break through obstacles and identify areas requiring your attention.

The Advantages of a Feng Shui Vision Board

The holistic Feng Shui principles allow you to look at your life goals in a different perspective. This allows you to align your goals in such a way that it can drastically improve your success rate. By applying Feng Shui principles, you gain these advantages:

  1. Get Full Picture Clarity
    Imagine a bird’s-eye view of your life, each aspect clear and distinct. A Feng Shui-informed vision board does just that, offering a comprehensive understanding of where you stand. For instance, you might discover that while your career is flourishing, your personal relationships need nurturing. This aerial perspective is the first step toward a harmonious and balanced life.
  2. Charting Your Course to Balanced Success
    Consider the juggler, keeping balls representing health, career, and relationships in the air. Overemphasis on one can disrupt the rhythm, leading to a lopsided life experience. By applying Feng Shui principles to your vision board, you can aim for equilibrium, ensuring each important aspect of your life is given its due attention.
  3. Mastering Winds of Will: Strengths Guiding You to Your Goals
    Imagine sailing the vast ocean with a compass that points to your strengths as true north. A Feng Shui vision board becomes that compass, highlighting your best traits while softly illuminating the shores you’ve yet to explore. Recognizing your weaknesses is not a call to dwell on them but a brave act of charting a course towards personal growth and storm-weathering resilience.
  4. Overcome hurdles and stagnation
    Life is a complex web, where pulling one string can vibrate another. Your aspirations in personal development, such as pursuing further education, may influence—and require resources from—other areas like finance and family. Feng Shui-inspired vision boards help map out these connections, allowing for a strategy that considers the whole tapestry of your life.

Understanding the Feng Shui Bagua Map

As you know the basic principles, we need to define the different areas of your life goals next. The Bagua Map helps us with this process. It is a fundamental tool in the practice of Feng Shui. It is a grid divided into nine sections, each representing a different aspect of life.

Nine areas of the Bagua Map

Here’s a brief overview of the nine areas of the Bagua Map:

  1. Wealth and Prosperity (Top left): This section represents abundance, financial success, and material wealth. Incorporate images of money, luxurious items, or anything that symbolizes prosperity to you.
  2. Fame and Reputation (Top center): This area is about your public image, success, and recognition. Include images of awards, accolades, or people you admire to enhance this energy.
  3. Love and Relationships (Top right): This section focuses on love, relationships, and emotional connections. Use images of happy couples, hearts, or symbols of love and partnership to strengthen this area.
  4. Family and Health (Middle left): This area represents your family, health, and well-being. Add images of your loved ones, healthy foods, or activities that promote wellness to boost this energy.
  5. Center (Middle center): The center section is the heart of the Bagua Map and represents balance and harmony. Keep this area uncluttered and filled with symbols of peace, such as a Yin Yang symbol or calming images.
  6. Creativity and Children (Middle right): This section is all about creativity, self-expression, and personal growth. Include images of your hobbies, artistic pursuits, or anything that inspires your creative side.
  7. Knowledge and Self-Cultivation (Bottom left): This area focuses on personal growth, wisdom, and learning. Add images of books, mentors, or educational symbols to enhance this energy.
  8. Career and Life Path (Bottom center): This section represents your career, goals, and life purpose. Use images that symbolize your dream job, professional achievements, or aspirations.
  9. Travel and Helpful People (Bottom right): This area is about travel, new experiences, and supportive connections. Include images of your dream destinations, mentors, or people who have helped you along your journey.

How to Create A Feng Shui Vision Board

Creating your Feng Shui Vision Board is an easy 5 step process.

Step 1: Begin with Intention – What does your heart long for?

To set the stage for a Feng Shui vision board that truly resonates with your soul’s desires, start by honing in on what matters most to you. Is it your personal growth, your home environment, or perhaps your career aspirations? Whether you choose to focus on a single aspect or embrace multiple facets of your life, the key is to channel your energies into areas that ignite your passion.

Step 2 : Identify Satisfaction Levels

Now, as you know on which areas you want to focus on it’s time to evaluate your current situation. Reflect on which areas of the Bagua map you feel content with and which ones require improvement. Determine your level of satisfaction for the Bagua map and give each section points from 1 to 10.

  1. Acknowledge your thriving areas: Begin by acknowledging and appreciating the areas of your life where you excel—where you feel accomplished and fulfilled. Recognizing your strengths here can create a robust foundation to improve other areas where you face challenges.
  2. Pinpoint your growth area: Next, identify the aspect of your life that needs the most improvement, where your confidence may be lower. Focusing on this area can significantly enhance your overall quality of life.
  3. Leverage your supportive areas: Then, determine which of your stronger areas can bolster your growth area. Reflect on how these areas interact and influence each other. This insight can help you navigate obstacles and provide additional motivation. Once identified, consider how you can further strengthen this supportive area to positively impact your growth area.
  4. Visualize the connections: Lastly, on your assessment sheet, draw a line between the areas to visually represent this relationship. This can help you better understand the dynamics between your strengths and areas for improvement.

Step 4 : Brainstorm what you want to Achieve in 3 or 5 years

As you reflect on your level of satisfaction, take some time to identify the goals you aspire to achieve within the next 3 to 5 years. Be precise in your aim. For instance, you might set a goal to cultivate a lush garden where your children can play each afternoon, or to ascend to a team leader position at your job. The more detailed your goal is on paper, the greater your likelihood of success.

Alternative if setting long-term goals seems daunting

If it’s hard for you to find your long-term goals then consider drawing inspiration from someone you greatly admire. Whether it’s a celebrity, a friend, or an acquaintance you’ve recently met. Note the qualities or achievements that you respect in this person, and use them as a benchmark for what you want to accomplish.

Step 5: Create A Vision Board of Your Goals

Whether you prefer a digital or physical Feng Shui vision board, the effectiveness depends on your personal preference and specific needs. We offer a range of vibrant options tailored to your aspirations. So, lets’s get started!

Use a Digital Vision Board To Get Most Out of it

Now that you have a understanding of your goals and dreams you can easily create a Feng Shui-inspired vision board using the Vision Board ++ app. The Vision Board++ has the advantage that you can set individual texts and deadlines for each of your goal and you can monitor your progress in a journal. Furthermore it’s possible to create a slideshow out of your vision board to get an extra boost of motivation.

Firstly, simply download the Vision Board ++ app. Secondly, gather images, choose from thousands of quotes and affirmations, and other elements that represent your dreams and aspirations in each of the nine areas and you’re all set!

Printable Templates to Get You Started

Dive into my collection of stunning vision board templates, each designed to harmonize with the principles of Begua Feng Shui, and begin crafting a vision that speaks to your soul. Your future self is counting on you to start now, so let’s bring those dreams into focus and set the energy flowing in the right direction. It’s not just a board; it’s the beginning of a journey to the life you deserve. Ready to manifest magic? Let’s get started! 🌟✨

Pro-Tipp: Check out our in dept-article if you need more help in unlocking your dreams with a physical vision board.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I have more than one Vision Board?

Absolutely! Having multiple vision boards can be beneficial for organizing different areas of your life. For example, you might have one vision board for your personal goals, another for your career ambitions, and yet another for your health and fitness aspirations. By having separate vision boards, you can focus on specific areas without cluttering your vision or becoming overwhelmed. It’s like having a different notebook for various subjects; it can help you keep your goals organized and give each the attention it deserves.

Can I Only Set a Single Goal with A Feng Shui Vision Board?

Certainly, a Feng Shui Vision Board can be a powerful tool for manifesting a single goal, such as starting your own business. By focusing on each section of the Bagua map, you can create a holistic approach that not only aims at your primary objective but also harmonizes other aspects of your life to support this ambition.

Career: Visualize the daily operation of your business, the work environment, and the positive impact you want to make on your clients. Detail how you see your role evolving as your business grows.

Supportive Bagua Sections

Wealth & Prosperity: Incorporate symbols or pictures of the resources needed for your business. This could include an amount of money for investment, potential products, or any equipment that is essential for your startup.

Fame & Reputation: Select imagery or words that resonate with the reputation you wish to establish for your business. Think about how you want to be perceived by your customers and the wider public and reflect that in this area.

Relationships & Partners: Consider the key relationships that will help launch your business. Place photos or symbols of mentors, potential business partners, or networks that you aim to build and nurture.

Family: Acknowledge the role your family plays in this endeavor. You can place representations of how your family can support you or how you plan to maintain a work-life balance to keep family connections strong.

Health: It’s crucial to maintain your well-being amidst business challenges. Include visuals of healthy activities, relaxation techniques, or hobbies that will help you stay fit and centered.

Children & Creativity: Creativity is essential in overcoming obstacles. Pin images or items that symbolize your creative outlets or places that inspire your creativity, such as nature scenes or art.

Knowledge: Identify the areas where you need more understanding to succeed in your business. Plan for personal development through courses, seminars, books, or other educational materials and represent these on your board.

Helpful People: Recognize the support you will need along the way. Place pictures or names of advisors, consultants, friends, or organizations that can provide guidance or assistance.

By aligning your vision board with these areas of the Bagua map, you’ll be setting a comprehensive foundation for your goal to start your own business, ensuring that all aspects of your life are moving towards success and balance.

How Can I Manifest my Feng Shui Vision Board?

To bring your vision board dreams and aspirations to life, consider trying an app designed to create a dynamic video slideshow of your goals, enhanced by inspiring background music. Vision Board ++ takes it a step further by vocalizing your chosen quotes and affirmations in a variety of lively voices, offering a personalized touch. Give this motivational tool a try for a novel approach to reach all of your dreams.

Where is the Best Place to Put my Vision Board?

In the realm of Feng Shui, different areas of your space are believed to correspond to different aspects of your life, like wealth, health, or love. People often refer to the ‘Bagua’ map to determine where to place certain items to enhance the flow of positive energy. For instance, if you’re focusing on career goals, you might place your vision board in the north area of your room or house, which is traditionally associated with career prospects in feng shui.

However, from my perspective, the most important thing about placing your vision board is that it should be in a place where you will see it often, where it will inspire you daily, and where you can spend time in front of it, praying and affirming your goals. This could be your phone, bedroom, your home office, or anywhere you’ll frequently have the opportunity to keep those visions top of mind. After all, it’s not just about seeing it; it’s about keeping your vision before your eyes to focus on and declare your faith for them to come to pass.

So, combine the principles that resonate with you from Feng Shui with the practices that align with your faith and personal belief system. The key is that your vision board should serve as a daily reminder of where you’re going and the actions you need to take to get there. Make it a sacred space for yourself, no matter where it’s placed.”

Remember, the approach here is about adapting to the context and blending different viewpoints respectfully.

Which Articles should I Check out to Live My Best Life?

Can I adapt the sections of the Feng Shui Bagua Map?

The Bagua Map is a powerful tool for achieving balance and harmony in various aspects of your life, and it’s perfectly acceptable to customize it to address your specific priorities.
You can modify the sections of the Feng Shui Bagua Map to better suit your individual life goals and needs. To do this, start by identifying the key areas of your life that you want to focus on. You can choose up to 12 areas, but make sure you include all nine essential areas represented by the Bagua Map

Remember that Feng Shui is all about finding balance and harmony in your environment, so aligning your Bagua Map with your specific aspirations in your life can be a powerful tool for manifesting your desires. By customizing the sections of the Bagua Map, you can channel your energy and intention towards the areas of your life that matter most to you. So go ahead, make those modifications, and start working towards your dreams with confidence and purpose!