Our Apps

We develop outstanding apps for personal growth and more happiness in life.


I Am + Daily AI Affirmations

Think positive. Feel Better. Live better.

Unleash positivity with I Am +! Our powerful AI technology transforms your mindset from negative to positive, creating a happier, healthier you. Input your dreams and receive tailored affirmations, perfect for every life situation.
Choose from many topics, generate personalized AI affirmations or write your own, set reminders to get your favorite affirmations delivered throughout the day.
Manifest your future self and internalize your personal sessions combined with listening to your own affirmations and favorite music to empower change.

Vision Board ++

Get focused. Stay inspired. Make your dreams come true.

Turn your dreams into reality by visualizing and achieving your goals with Vision Board ++ iPhone and iPad app. Our app allows you to create a personalized digital vision board with images, quotes and affirmations to help you focus on your goals and manifest them into reality. Download Vision Board ++ today and unlock your full potential and live your best life.

Hero21 Habit Tracker ++

Get motivated. Get excited. Get long-term results.

Achieve your goals like a pro with Hero21! Our habit tracking and goal-setting app is the ultimate tool to stay motivated and see long-term results. With Hero21, you can set big milestones, track your progress, and earn points for every activity you complete. Compete against your inner procrastinator and stay inspired and focused. Download Hero21 today and take your productivity to the next level!