Vision Board Feng Shui

Create an Incredible Feng Shui Vision Board for 2023 – Harness the Power of Intention and Clarity

This post introduces you to a unique way of creating a vision board that incorporates the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui. By using the Bagua Map, you can align your goals and aspirations with the energy flow in your life, maximizing the effectiveness of your vision board. And the best part? You can create a Feng Shui-inspired vision board for free with the Vision Board ++ app! Let’s dive in.

Understanding the Bagua Map

The Bagua Map is a fundamental tool in the practice of Feng Shui. It is a grid divided into nine sections, each representing a different aspect of life. By placing specific elements, colors, and symbols in the corresponding sections, you can enhance the energy flow (or chi) in your environment and attract positive outcomes.

Vision Board Feng Shui

Here’s a brief overview of the nine areas of the Bagua Map:

  1. Wealth and Prosperity (Top left): This section represents abundance, financial success, and material wealth. Incorporate images of money, luxurious items, or anything that symbolizes prosperity to you.
  2. Fame and Reputation (Top center): This area is about your public image, success, and recognition. Include images of awards, accolades, or people you admire to enhance this energy.
  3. Love and Relationships (Top right): This section focuses on love, relationships, and emotional connections. Use images of happy couples, hearts, or symbols of love and partnership to strengthen this area.
  4. Family and Health (Middle left): This area represents your family, health, and well-being. Add images of your loved ones, healthy foods, or activities that promote wellness to boost this energy.
  5. Center (Middle center): The center section is the heart of the Bagua Map and represents balance and harmony. Keep this area uncluttered and filled with symbols of peace, such as a Yin Yang symbol or calming images.
  6. Creativity and Children (Middle right): This section is all about creativity, self-expression, and personal growth. Include images of your hobbies, artistic pursuits, or anything that inspires your creative side.
  7. Knowledge and Self-Cultivation (Bottom left): This area focuses on personal growth, wisdom, and learning. Add images of books, mentors, or educational symbols to enhance this energy.
  8. Career and Life Path (Bottom center): This section represents your career, goals, and life purpose. Use images that symbolize your dream job, professional achievements, or aspirations.
  9. Travel and Helpful People (Bottom right): This area is about travel, new experiences, and supportive connections. Include images of your dream destinations, mentors, or people who have helped you along your journey.

Creating Your Feng Shui Vision Board with Vision Board ++

Now that you have a basic understanding of the Bagua Map, you can easily create a Feng Shui-inspired vision board using the Vision Board ++ app. You can also download here our Bagua Map template to help you arrange your images and symbols according to the principles of Feng Shui.

Simply download the Vision Board ++ app and gather images, quotes, and other elements that represent your dreams and aspirations in each of the nine areas and you’re all set!

By aligning your vision board with the principles of Feng Shui, you can harness the energy flow in your life and manifest your dreams more effectively. So why wait? Try creating your Feng Shui vision board today!