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Make your dreams come true.

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Make your dreams come true.

Turn your dreams into reality by visualizing and achieving your goals with Vision Board ++ iPhone and iPad app. Our vision board app allows you to create a personalized digital vision board with images, quotes and affirmations. This help you focus on your goals and manifest them into reality.


Unlock your full potential and stay motivated.

Creating a clear picture of what you want out of life has never been easier. By visualizing your goals on your personalized vision board video, you’ll be better equipped to make the decisions and take the actions necessary to achieve your dreams and unlock your full potential.

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Why our users recommend Vision Board++


“Love this vision board. It has really brought life to my vision casting. It works to create a movie and there is a person who reads your affirmations. As they are read and I agree with them, it gives them life. Get it – you won’t be sorry!!!”​


I love this app!!!!

“I tried several app but this one is amazing! It has a slide show with music. You can edit it if you have to. They have ready pictures already but you have an option to add yours. I highly recommend this vision board app!!!”​



“This app is awesome. I actually appreciate getting the notifications to look at my vision boards. I can  scroll through and look at my overall visions at a glance or watch the slide show. Best vision board app ever.”


Vision Board Maker

Easily add your own photos or choose from millions of inspiring images for all areas of life in our library. Finding the perfect image to bring your vision board to life has never been easier.

Different Layouts

Select trendy grid layouts from various sizes and styles, including full screen, quadratic, and landscape, to find the perfect layout for your needs.

Multiple Vision Boards

Easily create multiple vision boards to visualize your life goals in different areas, such as love, family, wealth, gratitude, travel, health, and more!

Slide show with music

Bring your vision casting to life: choose your music and listen to life-changing affirmations that inspire you to visualize and achieve your dreams!

Gratitude Journal

Unlock a happier, more fulfilling life with our gratitude journal. By focusing on the positives things in life, you’ll experience greater joy, reduce stress, and attract more positivity.


Stay focused and manifest your dreams with our widgets. Boost motivation and develop a positive mindset with just a glance at your iPhone or iPad screen!

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